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Lady Jennifer Nicole Beard, along with her husband Episcopal Vicar, Pastor Tyree Beard, is a co-establishmentarian of the City of David Movement Church. A humble servant and accomplished wife, mother, teacher and friend, Lady Beard serves as First Lady of City of David Movement Church. Lady Beard possesses a strong prophetic gift and a keen cloak of wisdom.

 In 2014, Lady Beard launched "15 Minutes with the Father", a time of corporate prayer via conference line held on Wednesday mornings at 6:00am. Then, in 2015, Lady Beard launched the CoverG.I.R.L. Women's Ministry, later changed to J. Nicole Brands, a ministry designed to equip and empower women to live out their destiny and purpose! Through the workings of this ministry, women are blessed and encouraged on a daily basis through conferences, girl chat conference calls & daily text messages. Lady Beard also leads the "GRACED" Women's Ministry of the City of David Movement.  

In February 2017, Lady Jennifer Beard launched her newest endeavor, The Goal Digger Movement.  Goal Digger is a network of women entrepreneurs who encourage, support, share and uplift.  It's a community of fearless women working together to build, rebuild, establish and reach their goals.  

Lady Beard is anointed to hear from God on behalf of women everywhere and cater their cries for deliverance, fulfillment, assurance and validation through the Word of God! Lady Beard echoes the Word of God to women in a manner that translates to modern day application and understanding!

Lady Beard's heart's desire is to see women around the world empowered, strengthened and made whole.  She continues to produce excellence in all of her ministry opportunities while never neglecting her wonderful husband or her 4 children. Her grace, poise and style has led her to become a sought after speaker and mentor.


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