No Way Out

No way out

At some point in your life there will NOT be a way out of a specific situation. Sometimes God will give you a dream/a vision and for a period of time it will be stalled. In that season, for that time being, there is no way out. There will come a time that your Pastor is not able to pray you out. A time that you cannot be prophesied out and you cannot cry or beg your way out! You are going to have to sit and face it! Doesn't mean that you've done anything wrong! Don't believe it? Ask Joseph! I know you may have heard and agreed that what happened to Joseph was his fault. That he was thrown in a pit because he talked too much and too soon but did he? Was not he sharing a dream with his brothers? If you should be able to confide in anyone and if anyone should have been able to hold secrets it should be your blood! Joseph did nothing wrong! His dream got him into the pit but purpose got him out!!! Don't stay so long in the dream until you forget to work on your purpose!

You must believe that your dream is so powerful and lucrative that it can cause people to come against you! Your dream is so important that you must guard it and grow it!

No matter if you are sitting in a pit or standing before a King, your dream will manifest and purpose will be birthed! What some may consider stuck or stalled you need to see it as a holding place. A place of preparation. Sit and figure out your next plan of action! Write out your strategy and surround yourself with not only others like you but with someone who will PUSH you! Someone who won't sugar-coat but tell you like it is from a place of love. Someone who can teach and train you for better! Your pushers job is to push you forward and after 3 months of being with your Pusher without seeing progress may mean that your Pusher is really your Pal or enabler .

So while there is no way out of this specific situation stay alert! Get all that God is trying to show you out of this level.

I encourage you as Moses did when he said in Exodus 14:13 "Moses answered the people, "Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again.

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