Declaration of Favor for you!

Lord, we pray that you send favor to the faithful! You promised that miracles, signs and wonders would be right at our heals because we are believers! We believe on you as scripture says now send favor! Cause testimonies of jobs! Send promotions! Send increase! Move your people to different departments! Send relief from problematic Managers! Allow others to stand  up and speak up for us! Cause our names to be in someone's mouth!

I decree and declare that somebody is going to stick up for you and speak up for you! You won't have to say anything because someone else will defend your honor! You won't have to do anything because someone will go to the powers that be on your behalf and speak well of you! No, you didn't request a better schedule but someone else did it on your behalf! Don't worry about chasing the rumor down somebody is going to speak truth for you! Favor is following you and demanding change on your behalf!!


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